Digital Advertising and Marketing Network: “Jigserv”

Digital Advertising and Marketing Network: “Jigserv”

Client Overview

Jigserv Digital, a Mumbai based funded start-up is an online digital advertising and marketing platform for simplifying digital marketing strategy and execution services for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Navyug’s Role as a Technology Partner

Navyug has helped Jigserv build a single platform for managing multiple ad campaigns running across Google’s Adword, Microsoft’s Adcenter and Facebook. In future, Jigserv is expected to tie-up with various social media channels like Linkedin, Twitter and various prominent websites that attracts significant visitors for running marketing and advertising campaign.

Navyug Infosolutions has played proactive role in:

1) Integration with Google’s Adword, Microsoft’s Adcenter and Facebook API’s.

2) Integration with Jigserv’s Learning Management System (LMS) to capture Ad conversion rate.

3) Management report generation for measuring campaign ROI.

Benefits to Client

1) Reduces the hassle of managing multiple ad campaign across different digital channels.

2) Interactive reports to judge the effectiveness of ad campaigns running across different channels.

3) Easier to calculate marketing ROI.

4) Easily understandable reports.

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